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Metaphysical Divination

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Tarot Reading

Do you have a question or are you looking for some clarification on a situation? Book a session.

3 cards | 10 minutes $20

5 cards | 18 minutes $35

7 cards | 30 mins $45

50 mins |  12 cards $79


Energy Session

Connect with your life force energy through meditative techniques

Sessions start at $35

forest woman with mushrooms

Book a Tarot Party

Gather your pals for a private group tarot party. Call for availability and pricing.

$35 and up per person.

Tarot, Smudge, Metaphysical Art & Tools

Tarot Smudge Art

We carry a nice variety of tarot and oracle decks. Sample decks are opened and available for handling and viewing. See which deck calls to you.


Whether you are looking for smudges, solfeggio frequencies, chakra energy, stones, prayer flags, or energy connection, we've got a nice variety here. If you are looking for something you don't see here, just ask. We may have it, or can possibly order it for you.

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